Stainless Steel Bar Code Plates in the Culinary Industry

metal barcode plates

Food Processing & Chemical Conditions

For total durability in many manufacturing environments, Dantech Stainless Steel metal, barcode tags will endure tough conditions.

In environments and facilities such as food processing, medical and laboratories where frequent cleaning and strong caustics are an issue these plates are highly resistant to strong acids and can also withstand intermittent heat up to 400°C.

Bar code and text can now be added to the stainless steel metal tag by fusing the ceramic image to the plate using the heat of a laser to provide a durable, long-lasting code. Also useful for tracking work-in-progress and information where asset tags are subject to extreme temperatures and conditions.

The metal asset tags are 0.4mm thick, made from 304 stainless steel, and available with a strong 3M VHB adhesive which will resist high heat and chemicals or supplied with holes for mechanical fasteners.

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