Self Laminating Labels

write and seal labels

Self-laminating labels or write and seal labels allow you to protect important written information such as:

Once the write and seal labels overlay is applied any written data cannot be altered.

Simply write your text and information on the self-laminating label - then remove the backing paper on the clear adhesive overlay and press down firmly over the label to protect the written information against tampering, abrasion, grease and chemicals.

Self-laminating labels come supplied in strips of 10 labels - call 01354 688 488 to buy self-laminating labels


All prices per 100 labels - Min. order 300 labels

Size / Qty300 (Min)5001000200030005000
50 x 25mm £72.50 £52.35 £37.60 £25.20 £19.90 £17.10
62 x 31mm £85.50 £54.00 £38.50 £27.50 £22.30 £20.30


Prices are for one colour print, logo if required and sequential numbering/barcode

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