Where are the Laptops?

laptop asset labelA survey undertaken by the School of Educational Administration and Management recently found that the overwhelming majority of schools in the UK lost equipment each year and that schools were often unable to claim through their insurance for many of the losses.

In fact over 85 percent of schools questioned in a survey reported that they had “lost” something of value belonging to the school and had not immediately been able to account for it.

Many of the bursars and administrators who have the job of trying to locate the missing items stated that they wasted many hours trying to locate items – a further loss to the school if we consider the salary that was used up in the search for missing items.

Even worse, some bursars stated that sending messages to teachers asking if they had certain items did not help. “No one wants to admit that they have taken a couple of laptops or calculators for a lesson and not returned them.

“So what happens is that they sneak the equipment back into store without admitting it was them – which means we are searching for things that have already been returned.”

This is why more and more schools are introducing asset tracking. It saves time and money and leads to better utilisation of assets because you are able to track maintenance and service records, as well as other valuable information.

By including a bar code on the asset label, you can easily keep track of all assets. At times when you need to send your assets out of your school premises for repair or other purpose, your asset labels differentiate your assets from other similar assets.

Asset tracking software allows schools to:

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Published on Tuesday 5th February 2013

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