Keeping Track of Cameras and Equipment

With photographers and studios having an increasing number of cameras, IT equipment & even drones. it's important to keep track of all these valuable assets. using asset labels and an asset register find out more.

camera equipment

It's easy to lose track of items so keeping an asset register is a must. An asset register is not just a question of being able to see who last had a particular piece of equipment, but perhaps more importantly if there is a theft or fire there is a definite list that will satisfy the insurance company.

Matched with the right asset labels and you have all your equipment tagged and accounted for.

In addition, apart from keeping track of equipment asset labels and an asset register can also help keep records of the condition, repairs and maintenance - and also discourage ‘asset misappropriation', theft and fraud.

Label materials suitable for asset marking range from inexpensive vinyl through to durable materials such as aluminium foils and polyesters and it is worth making sure that you are using quality materials backed by a reputable supplier.

The ID MINI MARK asset labels from Dantech seem to be extremely suitable for photographic equipment. These are tiny labels (some 9mm diam) which have the text engraved into the surface of the label material thus the text won't rub off when in use (sweaty fingers!) or when being cleaned and the labels will withstand most cleaning materials and chemicals.

camera asset labels

The label material is, in fact, an industrial material with an adhesive which will stick to virtually any surface and will withstand temperatures over 100°C - if anybody tries to remove the label it will break into small fragments as a deterrent to removal or label switching.

Each label is of course numbered and has the owner's name and ready for entry in the asset register.




Published on Monday 8th October 2018

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