Tamper Resistant Camera Labels

While it is not always nice to admit, even to yourself, the world around you can be hostile and ridden with risk. With this in mind, it is never a poor idea to look to the protection of your property, the most basic and tried method of doing so being the marking of your property with a personal mark or brand. This has been practised throughout history and hasn’t really changed much today. Certainly it hasn’t when it comes to security labels for your cameras. However there have been developments to make this method of ownership more foolproof, and one of the means of doing this is through tamper resistant camera labels.

Tamper Resistant Camera Labels

It’s very easy, after all, to obscure, damage or modify a security label in an attempt to render ineffective. We’ve heard it before in CSI and other such detective shows, where the protagonist cop finds the murder weapon only to find that the registration numbers have been filed off. A similar thing can happen here. Tamper resistant camera labels are an attempt at reducing the effectiveness of this method by always ensuring that a stolen camera can be identified. How this is achieved varies, from leaving identifying marks behind that show that a security tag has been deliberately removed to making the act of removing it harder outright. With customisation in full fashion, it is now entirely possible to personalise your tamper resistant camera labels, which can actually help make its security by making it more unique to you personally, rendering it more identifiable. Such security labels can come in a variety of colours, sizes, designs and shapes, and can also be as obvious or as subtle as you want. 

While tamper resistant camera labels such as the ID MINI MARK, won’t stop your camera being stolen, but it can act as an effective deterrent if visible and help your camera be returned to your possession more quickly if it is stolen nevertheless. That it’s especially made to be resistant to tampering greatly increases its chances of being identified and returned as well, as the thief in question will usually be unable to remove the security label entirely without great effort. This on its own is well worth the investment, and can also improve its value should you decide to sell it on. Knowing that a camera is secure and won’t disappear suddenly overnight is a comfort to prospective buyers, and can be a strong selling point.

Dantech’s website contains a wealth of more information regarding security labels for cameras and other related merchandise, so feel free to visit for more information. Alternatively, contact them through their number: 01354 688 488.

Published on Monday 3rd June 2013

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