Sub-surface Printed Polycarbonate Labels

Today, every company is aware of the need to keep track of its valuable assets. Whether fixed or moveable each asset is easily located if marked with an asset label. Not only its location, but you can also check which particular asset is used by which person. Additionally, asset labels also protect your expensive assets from theft.

By including a barcode on the asset label you can easily keep your inventory up-to-date. If you need to send your assets out of your company premises for repair or other purpose, the asset labels will differentiate your assets from other similar assets. Asset labels with company logo helps you keep your company logo or name in front of others. Thus you can use these labels to advertise your products as well.

Reverse, undersurface printing to a strong LEXAN®polycarbonate material protects the print (barcode, numbers, names and other copy) from solvents, chemicals, cleaning, abrasion and temperatures. Strong adhesive is applied to the labels to provide maximum adhesion.

Aircraft manufacturers, airlines and military all use sub-surface printed labels and signs for interior use because of the excellent durability of sub-surface printing.

Polycarbonate asset labels are suitable for extreme harsh environments and industrial applications.

Dantech, as a market leader in marking for industrial and harsh environments, can provide expert help and advice directly or through their website



This ASSET LABELS article was created on 24th November 2010

Published on Wednesday 24th November 2010

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