Security Marking for Smaller Items & Equipment

Asset Labels - Small EquipmentSmaller items and equipment have become increasingly more common in companies including memory sticks, tablet computers, mobile tech etc...

These items and equipment while small in size often hold very important information and are also valuable company assets, should they be lost, misplaced or stolen the impact on business can be highly negative.

It makes business sense to mark your assets in a permanent way so hat it is clearly visible that they belong to your company, however finding asset labels small enough to marking these items can be a challenge.

Small Asset Labels and Tags

At Dantech we work hard to find the best asset labelling and marking solutions for our customers and have a number of solutions to help businesses keep track of smaller items and equipment.

Minimark Asset & Security Labels
These asset labels use a high-performance industrial adhesive suitable for most surfaces. The text and information are engraved into the surface giving a permanent high contrast, durable and tamperproof image suitable for all environments.

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Data Matrix Labels & QR Code Labels
These labels incorporate a 2D Data Matrix or QR code to identify and track property and to record calibrations and maintenance information in 1/10 of the space of traditional barcodes - and it is still readable even if more than half the label is damaged! A 10mm diameter asset label can contain 50+ digits

Find out more about Data Matrix Labels

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Published on Monday 9th May 2016

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