How Sequentially Numbered Labels Help Protect Property

Most businesses have highly valuable equipment they don’t want to lose track of. To help, sequentially numbered labels can make tracking them that much easier.

Sequentially Numbering labels   Aluminium Foil Labels

Most businesses and organisations have a number of valuable equipment/assets like laptops, company mobiles, tablet computers, printers and more...

These items are often purchased in bulk so you have multiple items that all look very similar, how can you track each item while also clearly identifying it as your property deterring theft?

Tracking Items With Sequentially Numbering

While marking or labelling each item help mark them as your property it doesn't help you tell each item apart.

You need to make each item as unique and this can be achieved by adding:

By far the simplest system uses sequential numbering.

You can create your own list of assets and give them each a unique number and matching asset label.

Why Track Each Item?

 You may be asking why you should track each item as an individual rather than a group.

Well, when you have multiple assets like laptops or tablet computers they often get assigned to set individuals and tracking the individual item to the person is key to preventing misappropriation or theft.

Also during an assets life, it will be subject to some wear and tear and could require maintenance or repair.

Tracking the item allows you to see the condition of all your assets as well as the cost of buying and maintaining them.

This is valuable information to ensure you control costs and get real value for money from the assets you own.

 Proper Use

A sequentially numbered label is nothing on its own if it isn’t backed up with an efficient inventory system.

Make sure that you have a clear, precise log detailing at least the following:

Should an item go missing or need replacing you can see who had responsibility for it and the costs of replacing the item. 

In addition, you will also be able to see if you have a similar item that can act as a replacement without incurring additional costs.


Whatever the size of your business or organisation using sequentially numbered labels helps you keep track of all your equipment and assets.

Not only do they help prevent items being lost or stolen they help you manage your assets more efficiently which will ultimately save you money.

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Published on Tuesday 6th June 2017

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