Security Plates -- Why They May be More Useful Than Ever

protect equipment Recent reports released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have suggested that crime may be on a general decline in England and Wales. An estimated 7.5 million incidents of crime were reported for the year ending December 2013, which was 15% lower than 2012.

Although crime figures show that recorded crime was also down last year by 2% the police still recorded 3.7 million offences. So while the news is good as always our equipment, property and assets remains at risk and it’s wise to take practical steps to protect them.

For businesses and organisations like schools, councils and hospitals valuable assets and equipment can all too easily go missing including laptops, tablet computers and even large equipment. Marking these items with security plates can help to reduce the risk to these items going missing and help organisations keep better track of each asset.

What are security plates?

Security plates are essentially fixed identification marker plates often made from acrylic, steel or aluminium that can be permanently attached to equipment. They clearly show who owns the item and their contact details plus can also include extra details to allow for tracking key details about the equipment like a QR, 2D or bar code.

As with all asset security marking its important use the right security plates for the equipment or asset being marked and to use a quality and experienced supplier like Dantech.

ID Super plates are ultra-strong acrylic plates fixed with Superglue to provide a bond so strong that any attempt to remove the plate will require the use of tools and result in break up or material damage. Suitable for both plastic and metal surfaces and can even be used on slightly curved surfaces making them a great solution for security marking a wide variety of equipment.

ID Traka Mark plates are made from solid 0.5mm thick aluminium plates with hi-strength 3M adhesive makes it near impossible to remove without damaging the equipment. Text and numbering is embedded in the aluminium and anodised on top to seal in and protect the image making the ID plates suitable for tough environments. The plates need to be applied to a flat surface and are suitable for equipment including laptops and tablet computers.

Security Plates for Industry

Aluminium Identification Plates using precision printing, sequentially numbered bar codes, including 2D codes, sealed in the aluminium with a protective anodising to provide years of protection against heat, cold, chemicals and abrasion. Fixed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners through punched holes.

Stainless steel Identification Plates give extreme resistance to weather, corrosion and abrasion - they are also compulsory in certain food environments. Barcodes and data are fused onto a ceramic coating and will withstand temperatures up to 1000ºC and most chemicals.

For more information and advice about security plates, as well as other asset marking for your equipment, call Dantech on 01354 688 488.

Published on Wednesday 21st May 2014

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