Security Marking of Small Fixed Assets

Many businesses and organisations now find they have many small fixed assets that they are struggling to keep track of.Memory sticks are being used by many companies and institutions and we all know about the risk associated with the details contained on such a small piece of equipment.

security marking for memory sticks

One example are memory sticks often used by many companies and institutions, these are great ways to transport and share data across devices, but can be easily lost or stolen. They also all look very similar so how can you tell different items apart?

Asset Labelling for Small Fixed Assets

ID MINI MARK labels are used by many institutions and hospitals to identify each stick by utilising numeric digits to prevent it being used by a person not authorised. It can also be used on key/door opening devices.

Because the text and numbering is engraved into the surface of the security label this important information cannot be wiped off nor will chemicals remove the text. Engraved by laser these asset labels can have text only a few millimeters high and are thus suitable for all small valuable articles.

Why Dantech?

Dantech is an acknowledged supplier for more than 15 years to both industry, government departments and the educational and health sector of security marking products, asset labels and security labels.

With a high reputation built over the years on customer satisfaction Dantech can provide help and advice with your marking requirements, contact Dantech on 01354 688 488 for free and unbiased help and advice.


Published on Thursday 14th July 2016

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