Security Marking for iPads

security marking ipadsThe surge in tablet computer ownership in the UK has been phenomenal with iPads still proving to be a highly popular choice.

The appeal of iPads for business has been obvious it is now much easier to take a host of digital information to a meeting or conference using a tablet than a heavy cumbersome laptop.

Schools to have found tablets to open a whole new world of learning for children and students alike with iPads proving to be a firm favourite.

From business to schools and home many of us have also fallen in love with our iPads and tablet computers, but with this increase in iPad, use comes the issue of security.

Purchasing an iPad is a serious cost consideration for an individual and even more so if you are a business or school needing multiple items. So if you have a number of iPads how do you security mark them to prevent theft and prove ownership?

Security Marking for Shiny Surfaces

ipad security labelMany tablet computers including iPads have a type of protective coating on the surface that makes some regular security marking products ineffective so a more specialised solution is needed.

Dantech ID Silver Mark is one such product the silver mark stencil labels are made from a special material which CANNOT be removed in one piece and it will break into small pieces if someone tries to remove it. Should the label be forcibly removed the security text will still glow visible if viewed under a UV lamp, as used by the police, to clearly identify your iPad.

Silver mark stencils are suitable for all equipment with a 'shiny' surface such as iPads, tablets, laptops, cameras, smart-phones, bikes, tools - where chemical etching can't penetrate.

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Published on Thursday 2nd November 2017

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