Pipette Labels

There is no such thing as a “normal” laboratory.

Depending on, the people who use it, the climate of where the lab is located, and the objectives of the experiments taking place, the conditions of each laboratory vary.

However science demands precision, and as such equipment must be able to adjust and be maintained in such a way that ensures that experiments and studies can be replicated and observed consistently, wherever they are conducted. As a result ensuring that things are clearly labeled is essential to the good running of any laboratory, pipette labels not least of all.

Pipette Labels

Pipette Lables

Pipette labels are pretty self-explanatory - it’s a label for pipettes. The intention behind them is that the pipette in question is clearly marked for scientists to easily identify.

For example, if a pipette was used for a specific chemical solution or substance (let’s say human plasma), it will probably be of a specific design, with specific specs and calibrated to a specific purpose.

A scientist needs to be able to tell what these are at a glance, and so pipette labels are highly valuable in any functioning laboratory. Very often it means the difference between a successfully completed study, to a setback that could cost months of hard-won research being rendered worthless.

Label Durability

Naturally, given the substances often used in scientific experiments, some of which are corrosive and dangerous to human health, pipette labels need to be strong and hard wearing.

Most are made of resistant materials such as plastic polymers or acrylics, and can usually last under all but the most damaging of substances. These are also very easy to clean and normally have its details engraved to ensure they’re still legible if they should be stained.

ID Mini Mark Asset Labels

The ID MINI MARK asset labels are affordable, resistant and easily customisable, as well as capable of withstanding a variety of substances and temperatures, thus ensuring that your labels will in no way inhibit your experiments. It also functions as an effective theft deterrent, clearly marking laboratory equipment and allowing them to be more quickly returned if stolen.

The labels are non-transferable and also tamper-resistant. If any attempts are made to remove them then they will shatter and leave distinctive marks behind. Numbers and images are also permanently engraved on the labels, meaning even if an attempt is made to rub it off, it’ll still be there and easily identified.

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Published on Monday 10th October 2016

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