Laboratory Labels Keeping Organised and Efficient

Labelling is a good way to keep things organised and can help identify what is what. This is something that is very important in Science if a sample is mislabelled or simply not labelled, crucial time can be lost and experiments may have certain aspects and data missing.

Labelling can help ensure that experiments are clear and ensure as little waste as possible.

Getting Expert Help to Find the Right Labels

Laboratory Labels

Dantech can help, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of labels to suit your needs. One of these labels is the ID MINI MARK label, this label has the information for the label engraved into the material of Acrylate which makes up the label.

The material used, Acrylate, gives a permanent high contrast, a durable and tamper-proof image suitable for all environments, including those environments which are required to be sterile like laboratories. The adhesive used to secure the label to the equipment is suitable for most surfaces and is so strong that the label will stay secure on the item that the label is placed on.

Fantastic for Laboratories

ID MINI MARK labels are fantastic in laboratories as they can withstand temperatures from minus 60°C to around 200°C, they are safe in the microwave as well as dishwashers and autoclaves.

The labels are highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and harsh environments; this means that they will not restrict the equipment being used in experiments and therefore not restrict your activities at all.

The ID MINI MARK labels also act as a theft deterrent for your expensive scientific laboratory equipment as they show any tampering and are non-transferable. The labels themselves will also fragment if removed or attempted to be removed. All labels have images and text on them which cannot be wiped off as the labels are permanently engraved into the surface. These labels can help protect your valuable equipment and ensure that if any equipment is stolen that it can be identified as yours and returned when found.

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Published on Tuesday 25th July 2017

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