Laboratory ID Labels

Science is a very precise art. It has no room for error, the slightest deviation can be the difference between a breakthrough in the latest experiment, or a huge disaster that can undo months or even years of arduous research and development. Thus an ordered laboratory is not just a matter of being neat and tidy; its an essential part of a functioning research station. There’s a place for everything, and everything must be in its place. To that end, clearly marked laboratory ID labels are a must if you wish to keep your laboratory running smoothly and with minimal fuss.Laboratory ID Labels

Effective laboratory ID labels are bright, identifiable and resistant to damage. They should be able to tell researchers in the lab what they contain at a glance, placed somewhere prominent on whatever it is they are labelling. This is especially crucial as a lot of substances tend to be superficially similar in appearance. Consider it the same as being able to differentiate sugar from salt or baking soda in the kitchen; depending on the experiment you’re running, you do not want to mix up magnesium with iron, or water with hydrochloric acid! Given the rigours of the science lab, it may also be necessary to have laboratory ID labels that are resistant to a variety of substances, especially acids and combustible materials.

This is understandably a lot for your labels, and traditional sticky-back labels are not always a viable long term option. Eventually they get worn down, scrapped away or become illegible through accidental spillages or other mishaps that will inevitably happen in even the best run of environments.

ID MINI MARK asset labels are a good example of a supplier that provides laboratory ID labels, offering labels that are both easily identifiable yet at the same time durable and resistant to what can be expected of your typical laboratory. Dantech’s ID MINI MARK labels are engraved into an acrylate material which gives the featured information a highly contrasted look with the rest of the object. The adhesive on the back is well suited to a variety of materials, from glass to plastics to metals, and will not be removed with anything less than a blowtorch. Any attempts at tampering with the labels will likewise be immediately noticeable.

Dantech ID MINI MARK labels are an established provider of labels for all sorts of objects, professions and interests. With a reputation built on over 15 years of service to a variety of industries, it is completely capable of supplying your laboratory ID labels however you wish. Visit their website for further details, or else contact them by their number 01354 688 488 and get in touched with their call centre.

Published on Wednesday 19th June 2013

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