Know your Kitchen Equipment with Identification Tags

Within any industrial kitchen, you are likely to find a whole array of different equipment used to make help speed up and ease food preparation and service. From microwaves to blast chillers and electrical whisks, all will play an important role within an industrial kitchen – making the most laborious of tasks so much simpler. With so many pieces of equipment, it may be a challenging to keep track of them, however, with the help of equipment identification tags the task of looking after your equipment could be made that little bit easier.

Equipment identification tags can be used for a variety of different reasons, whether it be for security purposes or simply used as part of a stock identification database. Many tags are inscribed with barcodes, some of which can be designed sequentially for ease of use within a kitchen. These bar codes can then be used to aid identification and bring up important information about the piece of equipment, whether that be when its last PASS check was carried out, to how old it is or even who the manufacturer was and their contact details. Not only does this offer a simple solution to find information which is readily available at the touch of a button but can also save huge amounts of filing and wasted space on equipment information.

Some identification tags have been designed specifically with the conditions of an industrial kitchen in mind. These tags offer heats protection – some even up to 1000 degrees Celsius – meaning they won’t fall short in the pressures of a hot kitchen. Many tags are also designed to withstand chemical erosion, including kitchen cleaning products, optimising their use. Some equipment identification tags can be mounted with strong adhesive or even fastened with screws to ensure that food contamination is kept at a minimum – we wouldn’t want to find a tag in our soup!

As said, these tags could also provide a great deterrent device against theft as it may be seen that the equipment has been ‘accounted for’ and so the owner would know if it was missing – perfect for those expensive pieces.

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Published on Thursday 9th January 2014

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