High Temperature Labels for Medical Use

High Temperature Labels for Medical UseHigh-temperature labels for medical use are a necessary tool for medical and laboratory storage requirements; this allows samples, tools and equipment to be stored at its ideal temperature as well as being labelled for security, organisation and assurance.

These high-temperature labels must not only survive the high temperature, they must able to legible and usable at these high temperatures.

High-temperature labels

The ID MINI MARK labels from Dantech are highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and harsh environments largely due to the surface of the label and the fact that the information is engraved into the label rather than simply written on.

This gives the label added security as data or sample titles cannot be ‘wiped off’ or destroyed by accident.The best label to use for these situations is the ID MINI MARK label from Dantech, these labels can survive and work at temperatures from minus 60°C right up to around 200°C. This allows these high-temperature labels to be used for medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, material, samples and equipment.

The ID MINI MARK labels from Dantech are also suitable for use in microwaves, dishwashers, and autoclave, allowing you to use the labels in experiments without losing the labelling of samples and specimens.

About Dantech

Dantech is an established provider of labels for all sorts of objects, professions and interests. With a reputation built on over 15 years of service to a variety of industries, it is capable of supplying your labels for medical use. 

Published on Monday 12th March 2018

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