Equipment Identification Tags - Their Function and Nature

Most equipment used in the workplace is highly specialised, and thus extremely expensive to repair or replace. If the environment in question has access to the public, these items may even, whether accidentally or not, suddenly wind up within the possession of a member of the public at large. There may also be cases where the object goes missing, and it’s not clear who had been using the equipment last. For the last problem, we have equipment identification tags.Equipment Identification Tags

Equipment identification tags are a means of keeping the last of these problems under wraps by ensuring that a certain piece of equipment has been marked by a unique registered number that can be used to keep track of where the object in question is. By that I do not mean that there’s something like a GPS tracking device or anything of that nature (maybe in the future), but simply that the code can be used to quickly identify to whom that item belongs. Thus if ever an object goes missing and winds up somewhere on the other side of the country, the company who owns it has a quick way of verifying its identity. Especially if that object winds up on eBay.

Another way in which equipment identification tags can assist the workplace is in the event that a piece of equipment goes missing, yet has most likely not been stolen by someone from outside the company. In such an event it may difficult to trace who was using it last to try and narrow down the object’s location in that manner, as there is likely several other objects identical to it on the premises. A tag, therefore, can be used to more accurately keep tabs on who was using it, where and when. In this way, it can be more easily identified what exactly is missing.

Security tags are easily identifiable, can be customised to a certain degree (such as size and colour), and are also very difficult to remove. Rather than peeling off, attempts at tampering with a security tag can cause it to fragment, leaving distinctive marks that show that the item was stolen. They can also be programmed to respond to certain scanners.

For more information regarding equipment identity tags, as well as security tags for other items such as phones, cameras and laboratory equipment, please visit the website of Dantech Security Labels, a website that specialises in security tags for all sorts of items. Alternatively why not contact them directly, by phoning 01354 688488.

Published on Monday 16th December 2013

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