Dont Give Car Theives a Chance

Secure and protect your car & caravan against theft with window security etching for only £15.

Every 30 seconds a car is stolen somewhere in Europe - yours could be next and you might never see it again because one in four stolen cars is never recovered.

Make your car undesirable to thieves by etching your registration or VIN number into all windows thus making it difficult and expensive for a car thief to replace all the windows - thieves won't steal a vehicle they can't sell - so they simply move on to another car and leave yours alone. Some insurance companies might even offer you a discount on your premium.

Alarm systems and locking devises only act as a deterrent against theft of your car. Police Forces worldwide recommend etching your registration or VIN number into each window because it is a simple, effective and economical way of protecting your car and make it undesirable to thieves who simply want to sell your car on, or 'ring' it, but can't because they cannot remove the number etched into all the windows and would have to spend a lot of money replacing all the etched windows. And it helps identify recovered cars, proves legal ownership and helps convict offenders.

Window etching is permanently active - 24 hours - unlike alarms and locks which you might forget to set. Security etching doesn't guarantee that your car won't be stolen but it makes a thief think twice.

It also makes your car less attractive to scrap dealers because they will not wish to buy a car if the etchings don't correspond with the registration document.

Window etching really is a powerful tool in combating and detecting car crime! IT REALLY WORKS !

ID CAR MARK enables you to mark your registration number clearly and indelible into all windows of your car and caravan - or you might prefer to use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) if you have a personalized number plate. Click on What is VIN button above for more information. And there is no requirement to register on a database as other similar marking systems - your stencils have your registration or VIN number cut into each one.

ID SECURITY CAR MARKING stencils are really easy and quick to apply -  Everything you need to safely carry out the marking and complete instructions is included and it takes less than 15 minutes to do. Plus security warning stickers to deter thieves. Go to to order your kit.




This ID MARK article was created on 4th November 2010

Published on Thursday 4th November 2010

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