Do I need Asset Identification?

Protect your assetsAsset Identification is a method used by many companies to decrease the chance of losing their assets. Most commonly, Asset Identification is used on technological items, such as cameras, laptops, phones and printers. However, Asset Identification can also be used on other larger equipment that is still capable of going missing.

When running a business of any size, a serious and costly problem is the loss or theft of assets. For example, when running a design agency, it would be a huge problem to have your computers stolen.

The idea behind these ID labels is that in most cases, you can brand stickers which can be attached to your assets. The stickers are highly adhesive and incredibly difficult to remove completely. The sticky labels should be branded with your company name, logo and contact details. Each label usually has a separate asset identification number, which can is only valid for the item associated with it. 

There are many types of Asset Identification labels that can be purchased. A common one often includes the company details with a four-digit Id number, although others can be obtained. For example, Ultra Destructible Asset Labels are impossible to remove in one piece, which means if somebody was to try to remove it from a stolen item; it would keep breaking into even smaller pieces.

The Ultra Destructible Asset Labels are even resistant to high temperatures, and therefore cannot be removed with excessive heat. 

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Published on Wednesday 23rd May 2018

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