Camera Theft

Camera theft is a common occurrence with many cameras stolen every year. The majority of these thefts occur in unfamiliar locations such as when you are on holiday. Unfortunately, the majority of victims do not fully check out the terms of their insurance or simply don’t take out insurance to cover them against theft. In fact travel insurance doesn’t normally cover the full amount to replace your items unless you specify an amount with the insurance company.

Camera Theft

Travel insurance isn’t the only way to protect your valuables, there are various steps you can take to protect your valuables from theft. One step is to check out what is covered on your home insurance, this normally has more favourable theft cover than standard cover insurance.

Other step is label your cameras, this means that the cameras are easy to identify as yours and therefore you are more likely to get it back if the thief is found or the cameras appear on sites such as eBay or GumTree. Labels can be found in various materials to suit the colour and type of camera that you wish to label, these labels are of course numbered and have the owner’s name on them, making them ready for asset register.

The ID MINI MARK from Dantech for example is suitable for cameras and camera equipment due to the small nature of the label, some can be as little as 9mm in diameter and have the text engraved onto the surface of the label meaning that it won’t wear off as the camera is handled. The ID MINI MARK labels from Dantech will stick to nearly any surface and withstand temperatures of over 100°C.

These labels also have the added security feature of deterring the theft from stealing it as it is a visual deterrent and proof that you take care of your belongings etc. The ID MINI MARK labels from Dantech also break into small fragments if anyone tries to remove the label or switch it with another, again deterring the thief further.

More information about ID MINI MARK labels can be found at Dantech’s website, alternatively you can contact them on 01354 688 488.

Published on Wednesday 28th August 2013

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