Camera Security Labels

Camera security labels can provide your cameras and camera equipment added security by making the camera easily identifiable and acts as a deterrent from theft. Some people can be hesitant to place labels on their cameras and camera equipment as they feel that it can hurt its resale value. However, having security labels on your camera and camera equipment can be a good selling point and help with the transaction, this is because you can state that you will transfer the theft deterrent code to their name after they have accepted the item and are happy with the purchase. An added bonus and a reassurance for the new purchaser should you wish to re-sell.

Camera Security Labels

For the maximum theft deterrent, the camera security label needs to be visible, it is also best practice to place a security label on the outside of the camera bag or case so that a thief can see the deterrent even if the camera is tucked away.  

There are a wide variety of labels that you can choose from but it is best to choose one that covers all bases. For example, barcode labels are small and can be read via a smartphone for ease of use. Another option is a label that does not require a smartphone to read the label, such as the ID MINI MARK security label from Dantech. Once these labels have been applied they cannot be taken off without shattering, meaning that they cannot be transferred to another camera.

The ID MINI MARK from Dantech can be produced in sizes as little as 9mm in diameter which means that you can hide the security labels in certain areas of the camera, therefore, meaning that the theft may not see them. This doesn’t help to stop the camera being stolen but it does help it be recovered should the camera be stolen as the thief is less likely to find a small label and take it off. This means that you are able to prove the camera is yours and you stand a better chance of getting the camera equipment back.

More information about ID MINI MARK labels can be found at Dantech’s website, alternatively, you can contact them on 01354 688 488.

Published on Monday 23rd April 2018

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