Camera lens ID Security Labels

Photography is hugely popular, with social media and blogging plus the rise of smartphones.

However, the cost of dedicated camera equipment and lenses has increased so for those wanting to go beyond the smartphone photography can be an expensive hobby.

Sadly it may come as no surprise to hear that camera and camera lenses are among the most common things stolen from people each year. After all, a high-quality camera can often cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, making them highly attractive to prospective thieves. These are usually then sold online or through second-hand stores.

Protecting Camera Lens and Equipment

Camera Lens ID Security Labels

So how can you better protect them?

You can’t always keep your camera and its gear with you, at some point, you will have to put it all down and turn your attention elsewhere.

One way to know your camera is secure is through the use of camera lens ID security labels, which are essentially small labels (around 9mm) which you can place on your camera’s lens, an area where thieves tend not to look for labels.

Even if they do find it, the label is also engraved. What this means is that if they try to rub the security ID away, the number will still be there and can be read.

Additionally, if the thief tries to physically remove camera lens ID security labels, they’re prone to shattering, leaving a distinctive mark that shows the camera was stolen and its security label tampered with.

For added security, you can also register your ID, which gives demonstrable proof the camera is yours. So, if it’s stolen and sold online to an innocent who had no idea it was already owned, you can quickly have it returned with no fuss or cost to you.

Drawbacks to Security Labels

There are of course drawbacks with using labels, and they are by no means foolproof.

For some photographers, for example, camera labels are not desirable because they may hurt their resale valuable, which is a very sensitive point for those photographers who buy who sell frequently.

Likewise, labels are rather noticeable and can't be removed, with effort or tools.

That said, showing that the camera is clearly security labelled and is thus protected from theft to some degree may actually improve its resale value as it is, after all, a better investment for the money.

No one wants to buy a camera only to have it stolen or otherwise missing shortly afterwards. Having a guarantee that theft is less likely or can be more easily dealt with is a comfort.

Unlike camera lens security ID labels, some others are more visible, usually placed on the camera’s external casing or its bag, and are intended to act as much as a deterrent as a means of having your camera returned. Most thieves will not be interested in a target that may pose too much trouble to them later on.

If you’re going with camera security labels, it’s probably best to get the most value. As well as external camera labels and camera lens ID security labels, there are also labels such as digital code camera labels that can be read by a mobile phone and tougher aluminium camera labels that are resistant to weather.

Trusted Suppliers

A good place to look for camera lens ID security labels would be ID MINI MARK asset labels by Dantech.

Dantech has over fifteen years of experience in producing security labels for a variety of products that are highly visible, distinctive and resistant to damage as well as wear-or-tear. For more information call today on 01354 688 488.

Published on Wednesday 15th June 2016

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