Camera Identity Labels

Cameras are an easy item to lose, you have them out and about with you and you often put them down to free up your hands. It has happened too many of us at multiple times in our lives no matter how careful with our belongings we try to be.

Often these cameras are handed into lost and found, shop staff, and other authorities’ staff members but sometimes proving that the camera is yours can be difficult, especially since many places, rightfully so, are hesitate in returning an item like a camera due to the high value that they hold.

Could You Identify Your Camera?

Camera Identity Labels

There is an easy way to ensure that your camera is returned to you safe and sound. This way is by using camera identity labels and placing them on the camera and also on the camera equipment that travels with it such as camera bags and spare memory cards. This means that you are able to prove that the camera is yours as it will have your details on the labels placed on the camera and camera equipment.

The best asset ID labels to use in these situations are the ID MINI MARK labels from Dantech, these labels can be produced in sizes a small as 9mm which means that you can hide the labels in certain areas of the camera to stop them ruining the overall design of the camera.

The camera identity labels can act as proof that the camera is yours, without having to produce lots of paperwork, as each one has a number on it which can be registered to you and are engraved with your name. By engraving the name on these camera identity labels, it means that the details will not rub off with use.

Another useful factor about ID MINI MARKs are that they cannot be removed once they have been stuck onto the camera, this means that they also act as a theft deterrent as thefts will be able to see that they will not be able to pass the goods on as genuine products. Placing these identity labels on more prominent places on the camera can provide an even greater theft deterrent as potential thieves and pickpockets can see that there are security provisions in place and therefore would be less likely to take the risk.

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Published on Thursday 23rd May 2013

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