Importance of Security Property Marking for Businesses

Security property marking for businesses is essential in the fight against business asset loss and theft.

Asset and equipment theft is not only a problem that affects IT and electrical companies but it's, in fact, a serious issue for many different organisations, including educational facilities and local offices too.

Security property marking for business

Security property marking not only helps you keep track of your assets and deter theft it also helps police to locate your goods more efficiently and increase your chances of getting any stolen property back. It also can assist in getting thieves prosecuted. 

There a few different ways that you can security mark business fixed assets. Which one you decide to use will depend on your personal preferences, budget and the type of item you want to tag.

Asset labels and plates

Security property marking for your business should be quick and simple and that’s why asset labelling is a great choice. Asset labels and ID plates are high strength stickers or tags that can be fixed onto a variety of valuable goods. Made from a range of different materials, asset labels offer visible marking showing clear ownership and are a great deterrent against theft.

Each label or metal plate can be customised with your company’s name, address and any other important contact details. Labels can also be sequentially numbered for more efficient inventory storage and are often laminated with a clear plastic coating for extra protection.

ID Security Marking

If you want a more permanent form of protection for your property, then paint on security marking can be the right choice for you. ID Mark labels offer businesses a harder wearing solution that gives a lasting mark.

You are given a fully customizable, laser cut stencil for each piece of equipment that needs protection. A special hard-wearing paint is then applied over the stencil and once dry, the stencil is removed, leaving you with permanent and visible security property marking.

UV Security Marking

Specially designed to work with aluminium and other ‘shiny’ materials, UV security protects your property in a similar way to regular ID marking.

This system uses a special paint that glows when placed under a UV lamp and is a great way to protect many modern equipment items like iPads. Much like regular asset labels, UV marking also gives a visible tag for your equipment to deter thieves. 

These super strength labels are difficult to remove but if they somehow are, the UV paint offers an extra layer of protection that is not available with most other forms of security property marking.


While asset marking can really help you show ownership and keep track of your assets and equipment, not all thieves will be deterred. For extra security make sure you also have a well-organised inventory of your assets that is checked on a regular basis. Alongside this, you can register most electrical goods on secure website databases such as Immobilise, which works to ensure that stolen property is returned to its rightful owner more efficiently.

The better organised you are the less likely you are to be a target, plus it might even help to reduce business insurance costs.


Published on Friday 21st July 2017

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