Battery Security Labels

When protecting your camera, you’ve probably looked into getting security labels. This is after all the cheapest and easiest means of deterring thieves from pinching your expensive equipment, or dealing with it later on if they decide to do so anyway. Fortunately camera security labels are wide in their variety, and often come in more flavours than the simple “Hands Off!” labels that act as discouragement.

Battery Security Labels

One of the main problems with labels, after all, is that they’re noticeable. While this is wanted if the purpose of the label is to serve as a warning, it does also confirm to the thief that the camera in question is probably expensive and worth stealing. Plus a deterrent is no guarantee that it won’t be stolen anyway - for example, a sign informing people that trespassers will be prosecuted won’t actually stop people from trespassing. 

One of the ways in which you can better improve the effectiveness of your camera protection is to invest in battery security labels. Battery security labels are small and discrete labels that you place on your battery casing or even the battery itself, where it will be out of immediate sight by the casual observer. This means that thieves are less likely to notice them, and thus less likely to have them removed. These labels are also deliberately made to be rather fragile and prone to shattering if they’re tampered with, leaving behind small fragments. As such if ever questions are raised about the camera’s origins, it will show signs of being tampered with and signal that its security labels have been removed.

Your battery security labels can also be registered, offerring an added insurance, which basically provides physical and digital evidence that the camera is your property. What this means is that even if the camera is stolen, sold on through a website by someone else and is found to be stolen, the camera is still yours and can legally be claimed with no cost to you.

A good supplier for battery security labels, and security labels of other types, can be found in Dantech Asset Labels, who specialise in providing labels for equipment of all kinds, from laboratory equipment to camera equipment. Their best label for batteries is the ID MINI MARK which is small and can be hidden. Find out more on their website,, or call us today on 01354 688 488 for more information.

Published on Wednesday 17th July 2013

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