Asset Tags The Activity that Pays for Itself

What is the most cost effective way of stopping the misplacement of valuable equipment?

asset tags for equipmentA research project in schools recently found that in over four-fifths of schools every year at least one item of value goes “missing”.

What’s more the survey, conducted by the School of Education Administration and Management, found that a substantial number of these “losses” originated from equipment that was housed in the ICT department.

The only solution which actually reduces the level of items that go missing, while aiding the recovery of these items, is to implement an asset tracking system.  If everyone can see that equipment is being tracked, there is a strong disincentive for the equipment to be “borrowed” without permission.

Furthermore, when schools use asset tags to track their equipment, the savings far exceed the cost of implementing the tracking system as the cost of the tags is so small compared to the cost of replacing the actual equipment.

And there is a further saving, for as schools are required to show proof of depreciation of assets, having an asset tracking program in place helps this process run smoothly.

Indeed questions from the insurers decline, as can the annual premium, where the insurance company sees that the school is taking the issue of asset protection seriously.

What asset tag to use?

Asset tags can be printed on a range of materials from polyester to aluminium and may include a barcode with a readable number or a readable asset number only. The choice of material will depend on the equipment, its location and the type of use.

In addition to asset tags cannot be removed from one item and placed on another, you inhibit the use of the trick in which the label from a low-cost item is removed and put on a high-cost item.

The thought of the thief is that when the high-cost item is “lost”, no one will worry too much, as the system shows it as a low-cost item.  Now that problem is avoided.

Asset Tag Advice

Because this is our specialist area, Dantech can help you to find the right asset tags for your specific needs. For more information call us on 01354 688488 or complete our contact form for free and unbiased help and advice in finding the right asset tags for you.


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Published on Wednesday 15th March 2017

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