Asset labels for schools

school asset labellingWith the increasing amount of portable IT equipment and other teaching aids in schools, it has become extremely important to keep track of all these expensive portable assets.

This goes beyond just when each person wants to use an item of equipment but finds it missing, proper tracking of assets is also important in cases of theft or fire. Having a definitive asset list will also help to satisfy your insurance company.

School Asset Responsibilities

One of the challenges with school assets is that there can be a divide in responsibility between the staff who use and move the equipment (normally the teaching staff) and those who are in charge of keeping track of location, quantity, condition and maintenance status (often members of the administrative team).

The most popular approach that I've become aware of when talking with administrators is to use asset labels to number each item with its own unique number, maybe incorporating a barcode label which will also save time when making an inventory.  This is usually combined with an asset register, a copy of which may be kept off-site or in a fire-proof safe that is locked each night, to prove ownership.

This system makes it easier for administrators, but also makes it clear to both staff and students that valuable equipment and assets are being monitored and need to be returned helping prevent items being lost or misplaced.

Which Asset Labels?

Materials suitable for asset label marking range from inexpensive vinyl asset labels through to durable materials such as aluminium foil asset labels and polyester asset labels.  The materials used are important because you don't want to invest in asset labels that can easily be removed or have the details worn away. 

If equipment is likely to be regularly handled or subject to harsh environments (chemicals in the science lab) then check the material used and printing method will be robust enough.

In some cases, you might want a label that shows clear evidence of tampering and one special security material is now described as "ultra destructible" which means that the material will break into small pieces if removal is attempted - a good deterrent if anybody tries to remove the asset label.

For ultimate strength you could use aluminium or stainless steel ID plates with industrial adhesive - you would need a tool to remove these plates!

Trusted School Supplier

When looking for the best value in your asset marking you need a trusted supplier who can both advise and supply you with the right asset labels and security marking for your school.

Dantech is an acknowledged supplier for more than 15 years to both industry, government departments and the educational and health sector of security marking products, asset labels and security labels.

With a high reputation built over the years on customer satisfaction, Dantech can provide help and advice with your marking requirements contact Dantech on 01354 688 488 for expert and unbiased help and advice.

Published on Tuesday 26th June 2018

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